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Current - NEWS

Collaboration between Duke and ETRO-VUB leads to a new tool! Cool! 10.09.2015

Platypus is a software solution specifically designed to digitally remove cradling artifacts in X-ray images of paintings on panel. The algorithm was originally designed and implemented in Matlab by Rujie (Rachel) Yin under the supervision of Prof. Ingrid Daubechies at the department of Mathematics of the Duke University. In order to integrate it into a Photoshop plug-in and make the algorithm more robust it was translated into C++ by Gabor Fodor and Bruno Cornelis, both members of the department of electronics and informatics (ETRO) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The tool will be made available online for free on

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Barend van Liempd won the EuMIC NXP Prize. Great! 05.09.2015

Barend van Liempd won the European Microwave Integrated Circuits (EuMIC) NXP Prize for paper "An Inductorless Electrical-Balance 360° Phase Shifter for 0.5-1.15GHz in 0.18µm CMOS" which was presentated at the European Microwave Week. This paper presents an integrated phase shifter based on electrical-balance operation. The phase shift of the circuit is set through the difference in impedance between two on chip tunable impedances. Each impedance consists of a parallel combination of a tunable resistor and a tunable capacitor. Measurements of the inductorless, 0.12mm2 prototype implemented in 0.18µm CMOS show a tunable range of 360° of phase shift across 0.5-1.15GHz with 12-bit tuning accuracy, while the 15 to 40dB insertion loss is acceptable for the target application of auxiliary self interference cancellation loops in in band full-duplex capable transceivers. The phase shifter has maximum phase/gain errors of 0.42° and 0.27dB per MHz, respectively.

Peter Schelkens: speaker of the day at the Metadata - CEPIC Conference 2015 in Warschau. 06.05.2015

His talk is entitled: JPEG Standards: are we prepared for the next disruptive evolution in digital imaging markets?
JPEG format is today a synonym of modern digital imaging, and one of the most popular and widely used standards in the history.

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Upcoming - EVENTS


PhD Defense by Mr Lukas Latacz

High-Quality Personalized Text-to-Speech Synthesis for Belgian ...

Human speech is quite diverse: there exist more than 7000 languages in the world, even more regional language variants, ...

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“Wavelet based volumetric medical image compression”

In Signal Processing: Image Communication

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“Study on impact of adding security in a 6LoWPAN based network”

In ????

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“Globally optimized multiview video color correction using dense spatio-temporal matching”

In 3DTV-Con 2015

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Recent - PRESS


Zijn de spruitjes diepgevroren?

De tijd


Photo Archiving: In the Digital Age, Longevity Is No Sure Thing

Photo District News

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