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Special Session: Big data analytics driven by Internet-of-Things technologies: Big things have small beginnings 18.01.2016

The exponential growth in data generation and network traffic created by Internet-of-Things deployments requires new architectures for large-scale data sensing, communication, storage, manipulation, processing and analysis. Big data analysis offers the possibility of increased efficiency by valorizing valuable insights: patterns, tendencies, models, thus generating the need for extreme computing capabilities.

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Well done! Three ETRO candidates obtain 4 year scholarship from IWT 18.12.2015

Nathalie Fievet (prom. J. Stiens), Evgenia (Jenny) Papavasileiou (Prom. B. Jansen) and Robin Deleener (Prom M. Kuijk) have scored very well and will obtain an IWT scholarship from Jan. 2016 till Dec. 2019. Great job!

Certificate of Appreciation for ETRO valorization of 3D-TOF technology 14.12.2015

Vrije Universiteit Brussel held a ceremony on the 4th of December 2015 to award its first Certificate of Appreciation to Optrima/SoftKinetic, a 3D Sensor innovator and a very successful VUB spin-off. The award is a token of recognition of the contribution, quality work, and dedication in promoting and valorising VUB's technological excellence around the globe. In October 2015, Sony announced the acquisition of SoftKinetic Systems.

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“Thyroid cancer incidence around the Belgian nuclear sites: Surrogate exposure modelling”

In Cancer Epidemiol

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“Perceptual Video Quality Assessment in HTTP Adaptive Streaming”

In IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE 2015)

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“Demonstrating the versatility of a low cost measurement testbed for Wireless Sensor Networks with a case study on Radio Duty Cycling protocols”

In EAI International Conference on CYber physiCaL systems, iOt and sensors Networks

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JPEG: beveiliging en privacy van je foto’s


Het verleden en de toekomst van je afbeeldingen: JPEG

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